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M3Server Review

M3Server is a very professional enterprise-level hosting service. We have seen a lot of hosting providers who try to incorporate all sorts of hosting in one place. But very few services go for one particular brand of hosting type and can pull it off.

M3Server goes for the approach of targeting one specific niche rather than going all over the place. If they pull it off or not solely depends on the results of this review. We will also discuss M3server promo codes & offers. But we have to ask some questions about our hosting.

Why do we need high-end hosting and what are these solutions? It might all be related to upgrades.

The concept of scaling up in hosting
Hosting is a part and parcel of website management. You cannot think of having a website without a good hosting site backing it up. Without hosting you can’t imagine your site online. After getting a good hosting and being successful, you will have the need to expand your operations.

That is when your website becomes more functional and has more visitors. To brace your websites for all these new changes, you then have to scale up. For scaling up, you need particular types of hosting to scale up. From standard shared hosting, you can go to VPS servers or Dedicated servers.

M3Server has those options. So let’s take a look at the packages.

M3Server: About them
M3Server has the word ‘server’ in its name. So it’s not a stretch to say that M3Server center all their efforts into the server hosting packages. Let us break down some information about them and the basic ideas regarding the M3Server service model.

  • M3Server began its journey in the year 1996 and always tried to stay ahead of the curve.
  • In recent times, M3Server has totally concentrated on the server hosting and made them their flagship offering of sorts.
  • M3Server also believes in bringing extra added benefits to their work.
  • M3Server also has a region-based server package.

M3Server list of offerings
M3Server has a very premium feel to its specific offerings. You can also see some special additions. The breakdown of the service list is as follows

  • M3Server Hosting Packages
  • Domain services
  • SSL certificates
  • CDN

M3Server Hosting Packages
M3Server Hosting packages have a theme of carrying mid to high range specs. Although it also has placed some new essentials into the mix.

M3 Virtual Servers
The initial entry of the hosting packages is the range of VPS offerings. VPS signifies the quintessential mid-range of hosting. Once anyone needs to up their scale in terms of power from standard shared hosting packages, they usually opt for Virtual private servers.

M3Servers also bring in more processing and mid-range backup for Virtual Servers. Let’s see some of the highlights

  • HDD storage in lower packages
  • 2 cores
  • RAM support for 2 GB
  • 5 TB transfer rates

Seeing the simple laid out plans, we can say that it lacks the punch a VPS package needs. The support of SSD is available in only one package. It’s not an ideal VPS package.

M3Server Dedicated Server
M3Server’s main focus range is the dedicated server line-up. The specs of a dedicated server have to be robust and should incorporate the upscale needs of an enterprise-level website. These sites handle an ungodly amount of traffic and have multiple portals active. Standard shared or VPS sometimes doesn’t count.

M3Server brings a competent dedicated server hosting package list. You can actually match the specs up to the more prominent dedicated servers, then they fair quite well.

  • Raid 1 & Raid 10 level SSD storage
  • Up to 32 GB of RAM
  • Up to 2TB of storage
  • Up to 100 TB transfer

From the spec sheet, we can see that M3Server packs a whole lot of services in the Dedicated server portion.