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KnownHost: Best High-Performance Hosting For Your Website

KnownHost has been around the blocks for some time now. Hosting is a type of service that, for better or worse follow a specific niche. You can find services which deliver a more holistic approach to the hosting formula. But in KnownHost’s case, it merely centres its efforts on high-end hosting.

Any service in the world tries to find a specific group of customers willing to purchase their offering. The group will always choose a particular set of features. KnownHost fulfils the high-end performance hosting. So today we will look at the KnownHost set of offerings and how KnownHost coupon codes give you excellent discounts.

But first, let’s get an idea about KnownHost’s service principles.

KnownHost’s service principles
From big conglomerates to small business owners follow a specific set of principles that sets them apart from others. In terms of providing hosting services, KnownHost has some hosting packages that follow a similar pattern. These are the KnownHost Service principles. Our review of the service gives us these insights.

  • A focus on high-end performance
  • Only hosting takes centre stage
  • A group of applications that help with the standard hosting performance
  • Complementary services assisting with hosting experience

Although there is a lot to unpack for KnownHost, we will keep our focus around the leading hosting service to analyze the facilities a bit closer.

KnownHost Shared Hosting
KnownHost is a hosting service prioritizing a more high-end service. But in reality, the majority of people look for shared hosting packages, as new users and small-scale websites are much more common.

KnownHost complements their shared hosting packages in a way that makes sure the users get everything for their value. The specific features include.

  • 1-5-unlimited domains
  • Cloud-powered storage
  • MySQL database support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Includes LightSpeed optimizer
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Optional Patchman support

One particular point to note is that, while most hosting services are using cloud storage instead of SSD storage. The room might not be as efficient as the ones with SSD storage. There are fast cloud-storage options, but KnownHost is on the moderate speed side of things.

KnownHost Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting is a hosting service for other hosting services. That means that if you want to establish your own hosting business, then a robust Reseller Hosting has to be behind it. KnownHost clams to bring heavy-duty performance in the reseller business arena.

KnownHost makes the reseller business configurations moderate but hopes to give enough support to please the reseller businesses. The reseller packages feature

  • Up to 3 processors
  • Guaranteed Primary Memory
  • Cloud Storage
  • Up to 4000 GB Bandwidth
  • Reseller cPanel and WHM admin control panel
  • Most of the shared hosting benefits (LiteSpeed. Patchman, Free SSL)

For a reseller hosting, it’s a pretty standard state of affairs. There are enough options included here to make sure that you get a decent small scale web hosting business.

KnownHost VPS hosting
VPS is the private server designated for more significant hosting needs than shared hosting. So it mostly sits in the mid-range position. KnownHost has to put together is famous for a compelling looking VPS hosting experience. A virtual private server can only be good as its configuration.

KnownHost specifications have got quite a few boxes checked. When it comes to providing mid-range hosting, Knownhost has some very distinct features. Like

  • Up to six cores for processing
  • Raid-10 SSD storage
  • Up to 8 GB of Guaranteed RAM
  • Specified IP addresses
  • WHM/Cpanel/Direct admin support
  • Root access and control

From all the analysis, we can say that VPS support is solid with KnownHost. So we can say that this is a positive trait.

KnownHost Cloud Services
KnownHost is out and out intent on using the cloud as a viable medium for hosting services. We have seen it leverage cloud storage in its shared hosting packages. So, it should be apparent that KnownHost also has a good enough cloud hosting service.

In terms of small-scale cloud hosting, KnownHost has quite a package. It is worth mentioning that you don’t have to be a hosting aficionado to understand. The Cloud features include:

  • vCPU processing up to 6 cores
  • Guaranteed 8 GB RAM
  • TB worth of premium bandwidth
  • IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses
  • cPanel/WHM/Direct Admin panel

We can see that the offerings are identical to the VPS packages. So it’s really up to you to choose between the two options.

KnownHost Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers are the most powerful hosting solutions. Usually, enterprise owners use dedicated servers. If your website has multiple portals for operations and receives visits every day, then Dedicated Servers are your best fit.

KnownHost provides your full kick-off power when it comes to dedicated servers. As we said, KnownHost makes use of new technologies to deliver its many utilities. You will see how efficient the features are by looking at the following offerings.

  • both i7 and Xeon processors
  • Four times the cache up to 15 MB
  • DDR4 RAMs up to 192 GB power
  • Up to 12000 GB of data transfers
  • SATA disks for storage
  • Four drives
  • Convenient Data Center locations

So as with the VPS, we can also say that Dedicated Servers are worth banking on in KnownHost’s catalogue.

KnownHost WordPress Hosting
As WordPress has almost overtaken coded websites, you might be smart enough to have your site on the CMS platform. But managed WordPress can make your work easier. KnownHost also brings in the basic needs of a managed WordPress hosting like

  • SSD storage
  • Guaranteed visits per month up to 200k
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Support for one website

KnownHost does not inspire much in terms of WordPress hosting. So its again up to your choice.

KnownHost Pricing

Package Price
Shared Hosting Starts at $3.47/month
Reseller Hosting Starts at $6.97/month
VPS Hosting Starts at $28.00/month
Cloud Services Starts at $50.40/month
Dedicated Servers Starts at $159.00/month
Cloud Hosting Starts at $5.97/month

Overall Takeaways

  • Decent VPS
  • Very Robust Dedicated Server
  • Cloud storage follows the same pattern as VPS
  • Mediocre WordPress packages
  • Shared hosting is hit and miss

KnownHost Coupon Codes and offers

KnownHost delivers high-end hosting with premium performance. The premium services usually charge costly price tags. So, it’s a good idea to use coupon codes and deals.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the best options for you to get up to 90% discounts on Digital products, and that includes KnownHost. KnownHost promo codes are available at Christmas and New Year as well.