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InterServer Review in a Nutshell

InterServer is a web hosting company and an online service provider that bases its services on a certain number of principles. The variety of services it provides is simple and effective. InterServer has a very transparent policy for its services, and they deliver on what they promise. You need a web hosting service that caters to your hosting needs and has scalable packages that help you to level up once your website has grown in need and stature. If you own a website that gives regular services, then at one point in time, you are bound to need upgrades.

When you have a growing website, it is good practice to scale up using the current web hosting you are using. If you don’t have a web hosting that can scale up, then it would be problematic to upgrade. Scalable web hosting services means that they have the basic four types of hosting (shared, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Servers). Along with the types of hosting, there also has to be individual plans that help to extend your reach. InterServer has all four unique types of hosting classes and various packages. That is why InterServer is a viable option for you in terms of web hosting.

Now we will see how the InterServer services shape up.

InterServer Key Strength

  • Comprehensive web hosting packages
  • Support for several software and apps
  • Free Features and Benefits
  • Heavy-duty hardware support for server packages.

InterServer Hosting Services

InterServer Shared Hosting
This plan is the standard web hosting group of packages. There are lots of features in the standard shared web hosting packages. Shared hosting packages usually concentrate on pleasing small websites and blogs. InterServer also looks to shape their services on these aspects. The features include:

  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Email Accounts
  • Cloud App support
  • Content caching at a global level
  • Free Migration
  • Site Builder
  • interShield web protection

The InterServer Pricing for standard web

hosting started from $4/month and priced yearly.

InterServer Private Email hosting
Email services are quite an essential part of carrying out promotional, operational, and other types of work. Having an exclusive custom web address for your business helps you to provide a lot of positive productivity points for you. There is some exceptional level of services attached to the email hosting services.

  • Outlook, Webmail, and mobile access across all platforms
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Mailboxes 25 GB in size
  • Forwarding, group lists, and unlimited aliases
  • With added cost, email archiving and file storage are also possible.

End to end encryption, open-source support, brute force protection is also there with the standard email hosting services.

InterServer Pro Web hosting
Pro web hosting is a standard web hosting service that is geared primarily for industry professionals and developers. These web hosting plans have some particular types of benefits that help the industry professionals get a proper hosting experience for their work.

  • Disk space up to 240 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth up to 2000 GB
  • cPanel up to 70 accounts
  • Shared web hosting features
  • No setup fees
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unique IP at $3/month
  • Private DNS servers $5/month
  • Mysql on SSD drives

Pro web hosting packages start from $19.90/month.

InterServer VPS Hosting
VPS plans are quite crucial for mid-size websites with mid-level traffic and operations. InterServer brings in VPS services with cloud-powered servers. There are three primary VPS options with Windows VPS, WordPress VPS, and Webuzo VPS services. The Windows VPS offers Remote Desktop services with multiple core processor support, spacious storage & RAM, Plesk admin control for Windows, regular backups, instant access, and other services. All of these benefits start from $10/month.
WordPress hosting with VPS is a very supercharged way to get your WordPress website up to speed hosting. The WordPress hosting packages combine a host of great features to make sure that your sites have reliable coverage for your website’s hosting solutions.

  • High-Performance storage
  • Control Panel support
  • Software options and updates
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Multiple-regional and language support

All of these support systems and more are available for you, starting from $6/month.

Webuzo Virtual Machines are quite famous for VPS hosting. These enable you to have a whole load of support apps that makes your hosting and web activities more accessible for you to manage. There is a load of scripts for CMS, blogs, wikis, online web stores, and these can help you to great hosting gigs. Webuzo VPS costs $6/month.

InterServer Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers are ideal for enterprise-level websites with a significant number of traffic and operational features. All of these features have a massive strain on the site which only dedicated servers can suffice. InterServer has a wide variety of dedicated server related services. InterServer mixes free elements with unique configurations to make sure that your enterprise hosting needs can meet their ends. There are processors from both AMD and Intel Xeon, along with heavily-powered RAM, storage, and multiple core support. The free features include

  • DDoS protection
  • Managed Server Support
  • Provisioning worth four hours
  • 100MB-1 GB port
  • No setup fees
  • Data Migration
  • 10 TB transfer
  • Uptime Monitoring

There are multiple operating systems that you will find support for your dedicated server hosting. These include CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Redhat Fedora, Cloud Linux, and Windows 8/12. You can also find great support in the cPanel, WHM, and Direct Admin panels for seamless control for your web hosting power.

So much support and control ensure that you can get easy to manage a dedicated server. InterServer makes sure that you have all the scalability options for your enterprise website. You can get these packages starting from $59/month.

InterServer Coupon codes and offers

Coupon codes and offers can help you shave off a certain amount from your hosting budgets. So it’s an excellent idea to shop with coupon codes and promo codes. InterServer coupon codes are also available at many sales promotions throughout the year. You can find them on their home site throughout the year. You can also get InterServer Promo Codes at the big holiday season sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year Sales.

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