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Fastcomet Hosting Service Features & Discount Offers Review

A website is the main entry point to the online world. If you have a working website, then you can have a very significant presence in front of the people. A good site with a substantial web experience needs an excellent hosting like Fastcomet. A website always needs to be online. If that is not possible, then there is absolutely no way of your intended users finding you in any way. Hosting is one way to ensure that your target audience and customers can find you with better experience. Fastcomet is ensuring this thing for you.

Most interesting thing is that Fastcomet offers the most long term money back guarantee. 45 days! Yes, you heard right. A totally risk free hosting service with amazing features.

In a website launch basics, hosting is the most important work you need to do. If you don’t have hosting, then your website does not have any existence. Domain registration is also an essential part of website management as the domain registration can help you get an online address for your website. You will find this thing most easily and in most smoothly at Fastcomet.

Nowadays, web hosting is a varied industry in itself. There are loads of excellent web hosting services. Many types of web hosting types focus on new technologies and provide unique user experiences. These hosting types are very technically sound. There are very few hosting services that offer very technologically advanced web hosting options. Fastcomet is one of the feasible options that can help you to get a very tech-savvy set of hosting options for your website. We will also discuss the Fastcomet Coupon codes and deals.

Fastcomet: Overview
Fastcomet is a web hosting service through and through. But what sets Fastcomet apart from other hosting options is the number of efficient hosting services they have. As discussed above, the hosting service industry has evolved to provide suitable options for your hosting needs.

These are premium and high-tech hosting options. One other thing to notice is the consideration of specific hosting needs. When you are trying to host a specific type of website, you might need a specific type of hosting. Fastcomet has divided its offerings in that order to serve the various types of websites properly

Let’s take a look at some of the main offerings from Fastcomet.

Fastcomet Web Hosting
This service is the primary offering from Fastcomet. But Fastcomet differentiates itself from other web hosting offerings with its vast array of services. You can transfer your domains quickly and get Cloudflare support for CDN.

Also, the hosting service has cPanel support, and so it becomes easy to control your website functions quite easily. With this service, you also get managed migrations, backups, and fast SSD storage options. All of these cutting edge options for web hosting starts from $2.95/month.

Fastcomet WordPress Hosting
WordPress Hosting is another offering from Fastcomet. AS a platform, WordPress is quite easy to manage. But WordPress managed hosting services make it quite easy to get efficient results and complete control of the operation of a website. Fastcomet is known as a cloud-based hosting service, and it supports cloud-based WordPress hosting as well. The WordPress hosting plans include excellent tools that help with the management of the website. One will get the fastest SSD, Cloudflare CDN, vast bandwidth are also in this package. The means for excellent management include quick guard security tools, RocketBooster WordPress speed optimization and observed monitoring. Fastcomet WordPress packages from $2.95/month.

Cloud VPS hosting of Fastcomet
Fastcomet is a technically efficient hosting service because it uses a cloud-based service. That is why their VPS service is also very strong. Fastcomet offers fully managed cloud VPS with SSD storage. The server packages include single and multicore support, spacious RAM, TB unit bandwidth and cPanel/Softaculous support. The fully managed support, quick provisioning and also use of scalable resources make for a very well-performing set of VPS packages. Fastcomet VPS packages start from $59.95/month.

Fastcomet Dedicated Server Hosting
The same type of support for the cloud VPS server also applies to the Dedicated server as well. But with the dedicated server plans the storage, RAM is almost double and triple to the VPS specifications. Fastcomet dedicated servers are also cloud-powered and provide a huge boost to the performance. The processors and the machines are from AMD and provide excellent hosting and traffic management for enterprise-level ventures. Fastcomet dedicated Server hosting starts from $139/month.

Fastcomet eCommerce Hosting packages
Along with the standard hosting packages, Fastcomet also provides hosting for many eCommerce frameworks. These include woocommerce, Magento, and OpenCart. Woocommerce is a framework and a plugin for WordPress eCommerce stores. The packages have similar features as the web hosting options and plans start from $2.95/month.

Magento is also a compelling framework for online shops, and Fastcomet has excellent packages for this framework. It has many security and speed tools attached to the packages. This package also starts from $2.95/month. The OpenCart also has similar plans with same pricing.

Fastcomet pricing plans and packages

Service Price
Web Hosting (Includes eCommerce plans) Start from $3.45/month
Cloud VPS Start from $47.75/month
Dedicated CPU Servers Start from $111.19/month
Domain Names Start from $2.95/year

Fastcomet site builder
The Fastcomet site builder is a powerful tool to build your websites from scratch. There are many templates and designs available for users to develop their websites. The drag and drop style can help to build your site very quickly. The widgets and popups also make the site much more functionality to the website. You can publish sites with one click and have customizable pages on top of this as well.

Domain Registration Service of Fastcomet
Fastcomet has a wide range of domains and domain registration features. You can find the best top-level domain extensions. You can search for your domain names and get the registration done in Fastcomet as well. Millions of registered domain are the baseline of Fastcomet stronghold. Cheaper, easy to handle has made Fastcomet domain registration service acceptable to thousands of users every year.

Fastcomet Coupon Codes and offers

Fastcomet offers coupon codes and offers on their products for their sales promotion. You can find this Fastcomet coupon code on their website. Fastcomet promo codes are available almost all the time. But at the time of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Fastcomet offers the most exciting and unbelievable discount to everyone. In some cases, they offer upto 80% discount on their services.

So, comparing among the services of the platform with pricing and speed you can take Fastcomet web hosting service. It will be better if you go for the bigger plan of Fastcomet which will be totally risk-free. Because they offer 45 days money back guarantee.

Last Note: Before testing other hosting services, try Fastcomet once as they have the 45 days money back period.