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Domain.com focuses their efforts on mainly domains and also hosting. If you have a plan for online business, then it’s a good idea to get on with the domain and hosting. Domain.com is probably one of the more vital services that bring these components and services to your doorstep. These services have a sense of completeness that Domain.com provides. You can find the plans and packages regarding website components, within their list of services. These are essential parts of online business and need addressing as soon as you draft a plan to start your operations.

You go for a business or venture because you see a demand for an individual utility within a specific group of customers. The online media enables employment and a living for millions around the world. That is why people are migrating to or making new services that suit the web media. It’s such a convenient way to get things done that even a single person writing blogs about their favourite experiences can earn a living from her/his home. But to pull off that website you need the necessities of launching and maintaining a website. Domain.com provides you with these options and more.

So let’s take a brief dive into the Domain.com list of services.

Domain.com service list

Online services that you see started from a fundamental point. The providers usually started from the fundamental function and expanded from time to time. Domain.com was also that way. As the name goes, they provided domain related services. In the beginning, it was tough to deliver all types of web services in one place. But now, as investment and interest has peaked, Domain.com has also increased its service list. But they still keep it to the bare essentials. It makes things easy for people starting to find everything they need in one place. Their service list includes

  • Domain Services
  • Website Builder
  • Email Services
  • Web Hosting
  • Security

Main Takeaways

  • Domain Services
  • Potent enough Website Builder
  • Depth in security and privacy services.
  • The right balance of email services

Domain.com Pricing Plans

Service Price
Domain Starts from $13.99/year
Website Builder Starts from $1.99/year
Email $1.99/user
Shared hosting $3.75/month
WordPress Hosting $3.75/month
SSL Certificates $35.99/Year

Domain.com Services in Details

This service is the namesake of the whole service provider. Registration of domains was the first service that this website provided. So, these services have the most robust features and are the flagship service of the website. You can expect the essential elements of domain-related features in here as well. You can search for names and register them. You can also check out the ownership with the WHOIS lookup system. Domain Security and privacy is an added benefit if you go for domain related services from here. You can find alphabetically-arranged top-level domain extensions from the extension list. You can also find the prices there in the list.

Domain.com Website Builder
If you have a domain name, that means you have a location on the web to put your online business. Now you need an actual business website to place your services. Now, when you are starting, hiring a professional developer to make a website is a costly endeavour. But if you can make your website, then that is the best result for you. The Domain.com Website builder helps you to get a website up and running with easy to build options. There are also some options you get with the packages for the website builder. These include

  • Layouts with excellent customization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SSL certificates for free
  • Blog support
  • Free hosting
  • Lead Generation forms
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile-Friendly options

You can also have a website designed by Domain.com. These options can help you get a presentable website for your initiative.

Domain.com Email Services
Professional Email is an essential part of your organizational identity. Whether you are an employee or an employer, you need these custom email hosting options to make sure that your professional emails have a place to gather and get an archive. Domain.com gives you support for two of the public email services. There are Gsuite and Microsoft 365 mail services on-board. There are some guaranteed options for you irrespective of which plan you choose.

  • Match Email and Domain
  • Freedom of access from anywhere
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

You also get special storage, social media portal support, and automatic sync depending on the package you choose.

Domain.com Hosting Service

For hosting options, Domain.com brings two types of popular hosting variations. These are Shared hosting, WordPress Hosting. Hosting plans might not be Domain.com’s best offering, but they pack in the essentials to ensure you have a strong performance from the projects. The basic features include for shared hosting are

  • Unlimited and fast storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Bandwidth Scalability
  • Multiple Databases
  • Multiple FTP logins

WordPress hosting also follows suit and provides similar types of benefits. The extra benefits include a customized control panel and pre-installed themes and plugins.

Domain.com Security
Domain.com also provides several options regarding your protection for online management. The first offering is the addition of SSL certificates of different kinds. SSL certificates give you a secure connection to the servers and are a necessity if you want to rank in the Google search results. There are

  • Domain Validated SSL
  • Wildcard SSL
  • E-commerce SSL

There is also WHOIS domain privacy in the services. This service lets you secure your details. The privacy measures also help to get protection for your domain and website at the same time.

You can also get Sitelock Website security options to secure your website from outside attacks.

Best times to get Domain.com coupon codes and deals
The best times to get coupon codes and deals for a particular digital service can be a tricky thing. These services offer their packages and plans at an individual discounted rate throughout the year for particular products. But you can find Domain.com Promo codes and unbelievable discounts at Black Friday and Cyber Monday.